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  • Strategic Planning – an Oxymoron?

    Strategic Planning – an Oxymoron?

    Is “strategic planning” an oxymoron? Asking that question and considering an answer gives us a clearer way to look at strategic thinking that will make our planning more effective and make our businesses more profitable. Strategic thinking involves considering the probability of future events, while planning involves detailed descriptions of actions to be taken with […]

  • Why You Should be Able to Articulate Your Values

    Why You Should be Able to Articulate Your Values

    Most of us do not wear our values on our sleeves. There are many reasons for this – most of them social. Regardless of social norms, in the arena of business ownership, each of the owners of a business should be able to articulate to the other owners their personal values with respect to the […]

  • The Smell of Fear

    The Smell of Fear

    What feeling do you have when you see something different in the workplace? What about encountering a new experience? What if someone suggests something that is “off the wall?” Is someone laughing when you do not know what is funny? Do you have an impulse to make fun of something that is new or different? […]